Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting to know Providence

Sorry it is so long between blogs - I feel like I have a million things to do at every moment.

We have survived our first week here in Providence.  The apartment that we are temporarily in is quite nice. It is a two bedroom corner apartment on the 9th floor of the building with a nice view of the surrounding city. Unfortunately laundry is down in the basement to I am getting used to that rather than having it in our house, but heck in New York I never even had laundry in my building so it really is not a big deal.  There is a nice pool in the complex that we go to daily.  Apparently our apartment complex is the place to live for 20 year olds.  Going to the pool during the week is like going to a fashion show. All the girls have their hair done, best suits on and are doing their best to attract the most attention while sunning themselves.  Guys are pretty much doing the same. It is pretty funny to be there with two small children surrounded by all these post college kids.

We went to check out Cale's new preschool and really liked it. He starts tomorrow for a summer camp program. Every other week he will go Monday through Thursday 9-12. I am looking forward to the break and I think it will be really nice for him to have friends to play with his age.  We found a moms group that we tried out this week. Very nice moms, but the kids were all too young for Cale and too old for Oliver. I found another group that looks really promising - lots of actvities each week and a varied group of ages. Seems like that one will hopefully work well for us!  We will go to our first meetup with that group on Wednesday afternoon after preschool.

Oliver is growing more of a personality every day.  He is working on sitting up (tipping over quite frequently - we still have a ways to go before he is really doing it on his own).  I have a picture but the computer is acting up so hopefully on the next post I will have it figured out and have lots of pictures.

We have put a bid on a house and are really excited. It is lots of space for us, and also plenty of space for visitors (anyone want to come visit in a few months???)  We are also looking at cars since we only have the one car and it would be really nice to have a second car so that I do not have to take Andy to and from work every day like I did in California.

Today we are headed to the Pawtucket Red Sox, a minor league baseball team.  I am missing my friends a lot but it was really great to get to talk to them on Skype last night while they had moms craft night. Wish I could have been there in person but at least I got to talk to them and see them.  Hopefully I can find some good friends in this new group that I joined - I am getting a bit desperate for some more adult interaction. A week of just me and the kids is enough for me!

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