Friday, July 1, 2011

What a week!!!!

It has not been easy to get to the blog lately with so much going on.  We have officially left San Diego and begun our journey to the east coast.  We have spent the last week at my parents place while Andy has started at Hasbro. He is back with us this weekend to celebrate the 4th and then we will all head off to Providence for our new adventure.

So...a bit of a summary of the week

- The boys did wonderfully on the two planes to get us here. Cale is great on planes now and is really an easy traveller. Oliver slept a lot of the flight which was wonderful (thankfully we had an extra seat for him on the plane so he could sleep in his carseat some and give my arms a break!)
- We are all adjusting to the time change. Surprisingly it is Oliver that has had the hardest time with it. His naps have been all over the place, mostly really short and far between.  Finally today he took two good naps and I was SO grateful!
- We have done lots of fun activites here on Long Island. As we always do, we took a trip to a local farm where you can feed some of the animals, play on old tractors, and run around on lots of little paths.  Here are a few shots of us enjoying ourselves on the farm:

Today is also technically Cale's 4th birthday. Since Andy did not get home until later today we told Cale that tomorrow was his birthday so that we could all celebrate the day together.  Mom, Cale and I have worked hard to make homemade party hats for everybody as well as several other party favors (rolled paper telescopes made by Cale, paper cups made by Mimi that will be filled with candies)  I got balloons for Cale and we are going to decorate the hallway leading out of his bedroom which my mom used to do for me when I was little.  The day will finish with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins - yum!!!  More pictures will come tomorrow of all the festivities.

I really can't believe my little guy is 4 - sounds so old!!!!  He is such a wonderful little boy and he make me smile every day :)

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  1. I am so glad to hear things are going well. We miss you and the boys talk about Cale all the time.