Thursday, July 14, 2011

A good week

We have made lots of great progress this week!

1. We have a bid accepted on a house here to buy in Rhode Island.  It is a pretty amazing house - crazy how much more you can get here than in San Diego!!  It is a 4 bedroom house with an additional room for Andy's office.  There is a large living room and family room, a dining room and a beautiful kitchen.  The backyard is huge.  The only downside? The neighbors have playground equipment, pools and trampolines. You may think that is a plus but it means Cale is constantly going to want to go an use their stuff so I see some backyard purchases in our near future...  There is a great playground and a beautiful library just minutes from the house. Preschool is only a 5 minute drive. I think it will work really well for us.  Here is a picture and video of us at the playground. Cale has learned how to pump his legs on the swing (thanks to having swings at preschool he learned how to pump his legs there the first day!)

2.  We went to a minor league baseball game right in Pawtucket (the area that Andy works). It was so much fun - we lasted a number of innings in the seats and then moved to a grassy area where Cale was able to run around. The tickets are cheap and the baseball is actually quite good.  After the game we were allowed to run the bases which was so much fun.  Cale actually got to do it twice he liked it so much.  Here is some evidence:

3. I found a moms group that seems like it is going to be a great fit yay!!!  The group has clearly been around for a while so they know each other quite well, but they were really friendly and I seemed to fit in quite well. I know what I need to do to make myself stand out and fit in so I talked a lot and made sure to talk to each of them at some point. We are headed to a small beach on a lake tomorrow. I am trying to make as many meetups as possible over the next few weeks to get myself comfortably in the group. It is not so easy with Cale doing preschool summer camp but that is only every other week so I can schedule meetups any time that he is not in school.  I also made a friend here at our apartment complex that I met at the pool. She has a 20 month old little girl. This afternoon we went to the childrens museum together and had a great time.

4. We are having lots of great family time since we don't really know anybody here.  Here are some pictures of the boys, well, being boys :)


5. Oliver is learning how to sit!

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