Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One our own and surviving

It has been a busy couple of days for us around here.  Andy has been out of town on various trips. Over the weekend it was his last convention while working for IDW and then this week he is off to Cincinnati to see the Reds play a few last games before his parents leave to live in Alabama.  This means that the boys and I have been on our own.  I am surviving - sometimes just barely - but overall we are doing well.

Last night Cale had Family night for his preschool to celebrate the end of the preschool year. It was a fun night and they had a bubble show after we had all eaten dinner.  Below is a (blurry) picture of Cale surrounded by a huge bubble. It took some convincing to get him to do it, but he was veryhappy afterwards.  It is sad knowing we will leave this preschool after next week. It has been an amazing place and I feel lucky it was where Cale first got to go to school.  I can't imagine having a better teacher than the one he has now but hopefully the new place we have found in Rhode Island will prove to be just as special.

And here is Oliver enjoying his new highchair (a Svan we got at a local resale shop). I never had a high chair for Cale (we just used the clip on booster seats) but I really wanted to have something that Oliver could sit up high in to watch me in the kitchen or join us at the dinner table.  So far he really likes it!  It will be several months until he actually eats in it, but for now it is good to hold toys for him to look at :) 

Tomorrow Andy gets home finally and then he can help us get ready for the huge backyard bbq we are having on Saturday to celebrate our departure and Cale's birthday. We are having 50+ people (that includes the kids) so it is going to be a crazy day.  We have a keg and a bounce house booked - no one can be unhappy with those two items present :)

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