Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're on a roll!

We had a really fun day yesterday!  In the morning we headed to Oma's Dairy Farm, a favorite spot of ours. They were having a special family day which was great since I was sad that we were potentially not going to be able to go before we left, but luckily they had a special day in June for us to come!!  Andy is out of town for his last convention with IDW so I went with several friends from my moms group.  They have amazing activities for kids - a cotton seed hill to sled town, a mound of dirt with more tonka trucks that you can count, multiple playgrounds, sports games, and so much more.  We also got to go on a special hay ride around the farm (a working Dairy farm) and they showed us a cow getting milked - very cool!

At one of the playgrounds, they had baby swings and Oliver took his frist swing ride - he enjoyed it thoroughly!

And then here is Cale, way too big for the baby swings but insisting to ride one none the less...

Later in the afternoon I had friends over for a Mom's Craft night.  I had Oliver doing some tummy time (which he finally will tolerate) and he rolled over for the first time!  Didn't take him long to roll over once he finally allowed me to put him on his belly :)

Here is a picture of him enjoying tummy time for a few moments before he tipped himself over:

And here is a cute shot of Oliver and Daniel, a little friend from our mom's group who is about 1.5 months younger than Oliver.

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