Thursday, June 2, 2011

Activities this week

It has been another busy week for us!  No pictures to add to the post (got to get used to bringing a camera with me more often)

Monday was memorial day so we were all home.  We didn't do much but got a ton of organizing and cleaning done around the house that was much needed. In the evening Andy's cousin Betsy and her two little ones came to spend the night. The kids had a great time playing together and we enjoyed Mexican from JVs, our favorite local spot. We have to make sure to eat JVs as much as possible over the next three weeks since we will definitely miss it on the East Coast!

Tuesday was preschool day.  Cale attends preschool from 9-1 on Tuesdays.  After preschool we came home for Oliver to take a nap and for Cale and I to have a bit of down time. Around 3 we met up with a bunch of friends from my moms group for an afternoon at the playground. The kids had a blast - this was an experiment to see how the kids did with playing in the afternoon and it was definitely a success!  Have to schedule more of these in the next few weeks while I am still here.  So nice to come home and it is already time for dinner and then bedtime :)

Wednesday we headed to the San Diego Zoo for a special moms group morning.  We get to go to these programs once a month and they cover a specific animal or category of animals each month.  At the end they read stories and get stickers. This month it was gorillas and monkeys - lots of fun!  We spent the whole morning at the zoo. Of course with all the amazing things we saw, the part the kids liked the most was when we left the zoo and they played in a small wooded area for at least an hour more playing hide and seek. Go figure!

Thursday was a busy morning! Cale headed off to preschool while I brought Oliver to the doctor for his 4 month checkup. He is 14.8 pounds (50th percentile) and 26.5in tall (90th percentile!)  I knew he was quite tall since he is quickly growing out of his 6 month clothes due to height.  He was declared a happy and healthy little boy.  He is finally liking tummy time so I am sure he will be rolling and moving around in no time now that he will actually tolerate being on his tummy.  We then headed back to preschool to see Cale's tumbling class show.  It is a pretty adorable show full of 3 and 4 year olds doing "gymnastic" moves - I say that in quotes since 3 year olds can't really do that much other than front rolls but it is quite amusing to watch them try to do cartwheels!

Tomorrow we are headed to a friend's house to play - yay!!

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