Monday, June 13, 2011

Farewell My Friends

Our time here in San Diego is drawing to a close.  Throughout this past weekend and next week there are several going away celebrations. I have made some AMAZING friends here and am so sad to leave them. It has been nice to have a few parties to celebrate our friendships and say our goodbyes.

This weekend we had a going away party (which also doubled as Cale's 4th birthday party). We had about 50+ people here to bbq, a jump house, a keg, and lots of tasty food.  It was loud, chaotic and tons of fun.  Our house was pretty trashed by the end of the day - around 15 toddlers can cause some serious toy explosions.  Here are a few pictures from the party:

My girls, whom I will miss terribly...

Enjoying ourselves at the party...

Cale's personal cake (Cincinnati Reds) made by Amy and a million cupcakes made by myself:

Everyone enjoying the little cake :)

Today we had a going away party with my moms group.  I will still be able to attend a few more meetups but this was a chance for us all to get together and have my favorite - a potluck.  Amy made an adorable cake and the girls all pitched in and made Cale a hardback photo book with all sorts of photos of him and his friends over the last 3 years. I teared up with I saw the book - it is such a great memory for him and for us.

This weekend we are going to Shout House, a dueling piano bar.  It is a couples night out so a bunch of us will be heading over there for a fun night on the town.  Cale's preschool teacher will be babysitting for us so I know both boys will be in good hands!

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